Chilled Image LLC was formed in 2010 by Mark and Wendy Holt.

Up until 2010 Mark had been a serious amateur photographer. In 2010 he decided to resign his position as Chief Operating Officer of a small US Contract Research Organization to pursue his passion for large print photography.

Mark established Chilled Image to allow him to develop his photographic techniques and produce large pieces of high resolution photographic artwork measuring up to approximately 44 by 60 inches. To this end Chilled Image has invested in purchasing a 50 Megapixel Hasselblad medium format camera, a powerful Macintosh-based computing platform and large format Epson printers. Mark has expertise with Adobe Photoshop, which he uses to process all his images.

The other compelling aspect of establishing Chilled Image was to allow Mark to develop a breadth of skills such that all his original photographic artwork is, actually, all his own work. This means all steps of the photograph and photographic process, from conception to presentation, are undertaken by Mark. Nothing is outsourced. Chilled Image therefore has the ability to capture images, process them, manipulate them, print them and finally, present them.

In addition to allowing Mark to pursue his artistic goals Chilled Image also provides a number of photographic services. Of particular interest to Mark is the production of high resolution, accurate, giclée.

As well as photography Mark is also interested in Website Design and Implementation. Mark is a trained software engineer who spent a number of years programming, both in academia and commercially. In 2010 Mark underwent extensive Web design training in order to learn the skills required to develop Websites. Mark has a Certificate in Web Design from Noble Desktop, a leading New York-based training organization. Mark has expertise in HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery, PHP and the Zend Framework, and MySQL. Mark is also a long time Linux user who builds and operates his own server, based around LAMP.

All Websites that have been located at, including this one, have been constructed and hosted entirely by Mark.